Engineering Consulting Services in Louisiana

James M Standard & Associates, Inc. provides a full scope of engineer consulting services to developers and businesses throughout Louisiana and the contiguous United States. Our ability to visualize, plan, adapt and customize systems for commercial developments makes us the foremost authority on turnkey facilities engineering.

From electrical schematics to waterworks, telephone systems to support for forced air and climate control, we optimized the vital systems of your commercial building for critical effectiveness.

Electrical System Design and Planning

Proper electrical planning is integral for large commercial complexes. We provide complete electrical engineering and design services that take into account all major facets of facilities, including load balancing, electric-related calculations, code compliance and more. We plan for both general and specialized loads, lighting systems and distribution systems, to ensure proper circuit planning throughout facilities. Most importantly, we meet all National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) standards.

Mechanical System Design and Planning

The key to effective distributed systems like HVAC and plumbing rests in building-specific planning. It’s why we provide mechanical and plumbing engineering and design services. We ensure efficient planning to promote efficient systems, spanning commercial facilities of all sizes.

  • Water Systems: Our capabilities extend to both potable water and fire mitigation systems, to ensure proper water supply throughout your building.

Special System Design and Planning

If your building has special systems—such as PA or robust data networking—we can assist in designing and planning for these systems. We’ve assisted facilities throughout Louisiana in planning and coordinating the infrastructure for all types of building-wide systems.

  • Music Systems: We’ve worked with entertainment venues of all sizes to coordinate music and audio distribution to meet the needs of these facilities.
  • Telephone Systems: For offices and large facilities with robust telephone infrastructure, we’re able to design and plan a cabling approach that’s a direct fit for need.

Turnkey Engineering

At James M Standard & Associates, Inc., our capabilities set us apart from general contractors or system-specific engineers. We take a comprehensive approach to understanding your building’s demands and system architecture, to provide preliminary study and design, code and jurisdiction research, project specifications, contract documents, fast track revisions and more. Contact us today at 318-322-0551 to consult with us.

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